Zero Trust & Managed XDR with Microsoft Security

Discover Microsoft's security strategy, understand how best to implement Zero Trust technologies and rapidly detect and respond to threats.

With the rise of remote working, cloud services and a mobile workforce, organisations are having to adapt their security to protect their people, devices, and data from any location. As a result, organisations are moving to a modern Zero Trust model, which follows the principle of “never trust, always verify” and assuming breach.

Microsoft’s extended detection & response (XDR) solutions within Microsoft 365 Defender make best use of automation and machine learning to support a Zero Trust strategy. Through this unified experience, organisations can remove third party products, reduce technical complexity and benefit from faster threat detection and integrated remediation. Alongside implementing Zero Trust, organisations need to consider ongoing security management so that identified threats can be rapidly contained, removed, and remediated – making best use of the technologies you’ve implemented.

In this webinar in partnership with Microsoft, we will be discussing Microsoft’s security strategy, our recommended approach for implementing Microsoft XDR technologies and discussing the capabilities of our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services built on Microsoft 365 Defender and Sentinel to identify and respond to threats.

We will cover:

  • Marcus Beer, Strategic Partner Manager, Chorus
  • Ally Turnbull, Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft
    Overview of Microsoft’s Security Strategy
  • Mark Jones, Head of Security, Chorus
    • Building a Microsoft Zero Trust security roadmap
    • Ongoing MDR services using Microsoft’s integrated SIEM/XDR
  • Q&A – at the end we will have time for our consultants to answer any questions

You can now watch on-demand below or through the below link.