What’s included in Microsoft Viva?

What is Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Viva is a suite of platforms designed to help employee engagement and productivity. Built into Microsoft 365, Microsoft Viva works alongside your familiar Microsoft 365 apps, such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

What is Microsoft Viva used for?

Microsoft Viva is a set of diverse capabilities with a common focus on improving the experience and engagement of your employees in various ways, including:

  • Improving communication within your organisation, through both official communication channels and open peer-to-peer collaboration.
  • Providing a more unified and integrated experience through which users can reach all of their information and platforms.
  • Providing insights into working patterns and coaching to users on healthy behaviours to avoid stress and burnout.
  • Promote a culture of learning and alignment with organisational goals.

What’s included in Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Viva currently consists of eight products, which can be split into four different areas:

1. Employee communications and communities
  • Viva Connections – Viva Connections provides a centralised, unified communication channel with a personalised experience for each employee
  • Viva Engage – Viva Engage provides a space for forums, working groups, and open conversations across your organisation
  • Viva Amplify – Viva Amplify creates multichannel communications and campaigns to engage with all of your employees
2. Goal setting and management
  • Viva Goals – Viva Goals provides a way to set, manage and promote organisation goals using the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework
3. Learning and knowledge management
  • Viva Learning – Viva Learning brings together learning content from multiple sources in Teams, where users can search, share, and curate learning experiences
4. Workplace analytics and feedback
  • Viva Pulse – Viva Pulse creates team-level polls to get immediate feedback on workers’ needs and views
  • Viva Glint – Viva Glint creates organisation-wide employee surveys and gain insights into the responses
  • Viva Insights – Viva Insights provides personal productivity and healthy use insights to individuals, and provide insight into trends and working patterns for leaders

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How do you buy Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Viva licensing is fairly complex with some elements of Microsoft Viva included within Microsoft 365 plans, while other products are bought as standalone products. For the latest and full breakdown of Microsoft Viva licensing and pricing, please find this on Microsoft’s website here:

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