Early transition service to Dynamics 365 Unified Interface email

Dynamics 365 is undergoing a visual interface update – with organisations having to move away from the legacy web client to the new unified interface.

Last year, Microsoft announced that the Dynamics 365 web application client was being deprecated and a new unified interface was being released. With the deadline for transitioning being announced as October 2020, Microsoft have started upping the intensity to get organisations to migrate from the old web client to the new unified interface. One way of doing this has been the recent launch of emails to Dynamics 365 customers, detailing an optional early transition service.

This article is going to explain more on this email, what it means and what your options are.

Microsoft Unified Interface email

Microsoft have begun to start pushing this transition and you may have received an email entitled “Change is coming! Automatic transition to Unified Interface”.

If you have received this email, then it means that one of your Dynamics 365 instances has been scheduled to transition from the legacy web client to the new unified interface. The proposed transition date and chosen instance will be detailed in the email, which will be sent to admins.

What are my options?

There are essentially two options here:

  1. Accept the proposed early transition and be prepared that your instance will be updated. The admin(s) will receive reminder emails in the build up to the date.
  2. Postpone the migration to allow time for review, changes and testing.

Note: If you postpone, then you will be updated on 1st October 2020, which is the cut-off date — so while you can postpone, it cannot be for too long.

Further Reading

Need support?

If you require support for transitioning to the new unified interface, we provide a unified interface update package – reviewing your environment against the new UI and outlining which areas will be impacted. Please contact us for more details.