Dynamics 365 Enterprise Licence comparison

Microsoft licensing has always been a tricky subject and staying on top of licensing can be very time-consuming thanks to the various options and regular changes.

One of these big changes recently was the announcement that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is being replaced by Microsoft Dynamics 365, bringing a wide range of great new features and applications – as well as a new licensing model.

Business and Enterprise Edition>/h4>
The first key change is the fact that there are now two editions of Dynamics 365 to choose from; Business edition aimed at SMB’s (1-250 staff) and Enterprise edition aimed at enterprises (250+ staff). Currently only the Enterprise edition of Dynamics 365 is available but the Business edition will be launching around May/June. (Please note: customers in US can also access the Financials for Dynamics 365 component in Business Edition but this is not yet available in the UK).

SMB Offer

At the moment we can only talk about Enterprise edition, as information on Business edition will be announced closer to its release. While smaller businesses might consider waiting until the Business edition is released there is currently a fantastic SMB offer available to small businesses, allowing access to Enterprise edition at a great price. To find out more about this SMB offer please contact us.

Enterprise Edition Licences Compared

Enterprise edition licensing requires you to understand what level of interaction users will have the system. This goes into granular detail around which apps they want to access and what functionality they require within these apps. Understanding this will allow you to license users accordingly and choose the most cost effective options; while still ensuring the right level of functionality access.

To help decide which licence is suitable we have created this licence comparison, which shows what access is granted within each licence. We hope you find this useful!

If you’re an existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer then check out our Dynamics 365 Transition Guide to discover how your licensing will map from Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365.

If you’re considering Dynamics 365 for the first time then you can find out more about how Dynamics 365 is licensed in our Dynamics 365 Pricing & Licensing Guide here. Remember it’s always best to speak to a CRM partner to ensure you choose the most suitable and cost effective licensing for your organisation. If you are a looking for a CRM partner then please speak to us.