Why Outsource your IT?

We have a look at the reasons why so many businesses decide to outsource their IT, whether fully or to complement their in-house IT department.

Our infographic below outlines the key advantages companies are set to gain through IT managed services.

Combined expertise, knowledge & experience

For our clients the biggest advantage they find is being able to make the most of the combined collective abilities and expertise that comes with having 50 IT professionals on hand to help your business. For most companies it is unrealistic or even impossible to acquire and maintain this level of support and expertise in-house but outsourcing makes this possible – whether you outsource just your IT support (via our helpdesk) or outsource larger-scale IT projects (such as an IT infrastructure overhaul).

Full control of your IT

The biggest concern cited with outsourcing is ‘loss of control’. This is why we work on a managed service approach, working in partnership so you retain complete control of your IT. Working together to establish clear aims and desired results lets you stay in full control of your IT and its direction while allowing the smooth running of day-to-day operational management.

Microsoft Gold Partner Benefits

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Managed Partner we have a direct working relationship with Microsoft. This allows us certain benefits that would not be accessible to anyone else and which put us in a position for quicker resolutions through specialised support and advanced training, as well as ensuring our staff can be Microsoft certified.

Latest Technology

We have access and experience with some of the latest technology, which many companies would not be in a position to implement, setup and run. We are passionate about IT and stay up-to-date on the technology changes in this fast-paced industry, allowing us to have a fuller knowledge of the solutions that are available – even allowing us to recommend solutions that companies had not known existed. This does not mean we will try to up-sell or cross-sell but you have the advantage of being able to tap into our knowledge to find out what solutions could benefit your business.

Clearer budget & fixed costs

Often, one of the top reasons to outsource is to reduce costs, however this is something we are always cautious about. The cost benefits depend completely on your organisations’ requirements, situation, and aspirations for its IT – something which will be unique to every organisation. Outsourcing does remove costs for staff recruitment and contractors, training, company benefits and reduces overhead costs and additional costs for staff holidays and sickness. The key benefit is that is creates a predictable IT budget by moving maintenance costs to a fixed monthly budget and separates capital expenditure for IT investments and projects to help with the long-term IT goals.

Reduce downtime

We use our own remote monitoring technology to monitor activity across all of your IT systems, which often allows us to identify any issues before they become a problem and affect your business, or before you are even aware of an issue. Not only do we monitor your systems but we can also identify any potential future concerns or improvements and make you aware of these, so you have time to deliberate and not be stuck with a ‘break/fix’ IT model. All of this ensures your company benefits for the least amount of downtime and can help you move from a break/fix situation to a managed service model.

Flexibility & Agility

As well as being in a better position to take advantage of newer technologies, outsourcing can help make your business more agile in the market. As a dedicated IT company we have the ability to quickly react to any market changes and if your business does require a sudden IT resolution or project to be undertaken, we are in a position to allow for a quicker implementation.

Full advantage of IT resources

A common pain point for IT staff is being interrupted to solve minor problems, such as resetting a password or a problem with the printer. By outsourcing certain aspects of your IT, you can let staff benefit from calling our helpdesk to solve problems, which leaves you to focus on the larger tasks of managing your companies’ IT strategy.

Better focus

Finally, all of these benefits leads to better focus on your business. By removing the day-to-day management of your IT, you are in a position to concentrate on streamlining IT processes and focus on your core business goals and the businesses long-term IT strategy.iendly overview of the strategic benefits of outsourcing IT.

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