What are the benefits of MXDR?

MXDR stands for “Managed Extended Detection & Response”, also referred to as “Managed XDR”.

MXDR is one of the most transformative developments to take place in cyber security, giving organisations of all sizes access to advanced cyber protection.

If you’re not already familiar with MXDR and what it is, read our “What is MXDR?” article first.

In this article, we’ll explain the key benefits of MXDR and why it’s a game changer compared to legacy security technologies and services.

What are the benefits of MXDR?

The key benefit of an MXDR service is that it can dramatically reduce your cyber risk.

A good MXDR service will offer you benefits such as:

  • Strong protection from cyber threats
  • The capability to respond early if breached – reducing the likelihood of a major incident
  • A value-for-money service that complements day-to-day business operations and IT

The true value of MXDR is that it can deliver these benefits to a much greater extent than the traditional security services and technologies that came before it.

So, let’s look at the benefits MXDR can deliver and how it compares to previous security technologies and services.

Protection from cyber threats

Visibility and coverage

Before MXDR, companies typically relied on Traditional EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) technologies and MDR (Managed Detection & Response) services to remotely monitor, detect, and respond to threats on endpoints like servers and devices. However, this approach left other areas of the IT estate vulnerable, requiring additional security products or services to cover those aspects. As a result, the system was often fragmented, complex, and challenging to manage.

With MXDR, the situation is different. MXDR combines technology and human-led expertise to collect, correlate, analyse, and respond to security data across various IT environments, including:

  • Identities
  • Devices
  • Email
  • Cloud apps
  • Infrastructure
  • Data
  • Networks

By integrating multiple tools and vendors into a single solution, MXDR simplifies security operations and provides Analysts with full visibility through a single interface – and a huge range of detection capabilities and response actions across IT environments as we’ll discuss below.

Detection and Response

Traditional managed security services using EDR technologies often rely on ‘trip wires’ to detect intrusions or breaches in customer systems. However, trip wires are reactive and rely on predefined rules, leading to limitations like false positives and the inability to handle new types of attacks. With this setup, security analysts manually analyse alerts and logs, escalating incidents through different tiers of analysts. However, this process is slow, labour-intensive, requires broad expertise and is not efficient in dealing with fast-moving attackers.

A more effective solution is provided by an MXDR service using a cloud-based XDR platform. Unlike trip wires, these XDR solutions continuously deliver telemetry into cloud-based SIEM for analysing suspicious or anomalous behaviour. XDR platforms offer a wide range of response actions, including automated threat remediation and guided playbooks for analysts. This allows MXDR analysts to detect threats, identify their origin, and take remedial actions remotely without significant business disruption.

Compared to traditional security technologies and services, MXDR with XDR technology offers superior detection and response capabilities, covering more of your IT and providing protection at a faster pace. This results in significantly reduced risks for your business.

Post-breach response and recovery

MXDR services and XDR technologies offer significant advantages by aligning and complementing a Zero Trust strategy, the modern best-practice approach to cybersecurity that treats all users and devices as ‘untrusted’ and assumes breaches can and will happen.

XDR technologies further enhance this approach by providing visibility into the entire attack chain, employing advanced analytics and automation to streamline security operations and improve efficiency, often enabling analysts to detect and respond to threats much earlier than the traditional trip wire approach.

With MXDR’s cloud-based telemetry, analysts gain total visibility of activity, allowing immediate detection and response to suspicious behaviour or anomalous actions specific to a user, whether remote or on the network, supporting the zero-trust principle of assuming breach and taking appropriate actions to mitigate risks. Attackers are good at avoiding trip wires, but they will always look like an attacker to some extent. MXDR is designed to uncover this behaviour and alert the security team.

Service integration

A good MXDR service is not just a collection of tools or products. It’s a strategic partnership that can help organisations improve their security posture, optimise IT operations, and achieve wider business goals.

By reducing complexity and combining multiple security solutions, such as endpoint protection, network security, cloud security, and application security, under a single XDR platform, an MXDR service can reduce the need for multiple vendors, licences, skillsets, staff, and lower the total cost of ownership – while delivering a superior level of security and reduced cyber risk.

With an XDR solution such as Microsoft Defender, internal IT teams will also benefit from the native integration between their security tooling with the rest of their Microsoft estate and Microsoft 365 licensing.

Because MXDR services can integrate and streamline workflows and processes, internal IT teams can free up their time and resources for other tasks, safe in the knowledge their security is being taken care of by their MXDR provider, with a team of SOC analysts working 24/7/365.

A good MXDR provider will also support your security strategy, enabling alignment with your other business objectives such as improving customer satisfaction, increasing productivity or achieving compliance with regulations such as GDPR.


In summary, there are many key benefits to MXDR services, such as:

  • Improved visibility and protection across the entire IT environment
  • Enhanced threat intelligence and proactive defence against emerging threats
  • Faster and more effective response to incidents and breaches
  • Intelligent automation reducing the requirement for human intervention
  • Reduced complexity and cost of managing multiple security tools
  • Compliance with industry standards and regulations

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