Our new visual identity

Notice something different?

That’s right, we’ve got a fresh new look!

Today is the day we finally wave goodbye to the old Chorus brand. It’s out with rainbow colour palettes—and in with crisp and contemporary digital hues.

Welcome to the Chorus of 2023 and our new visual identity.

Want to find out why we’ve treated ourselves to a new-year makeover and check out our new colours and designs?

Great, read on.

No honestly, you look great!

We know. Lots of people liked our old brand just the way it was. We liked it too.

But all good things evolve and sometimes change is healthy—and needed.

Since we founded in 1999, we’ve grown from a two-person company to become one of the UK’s leading Microsoft Partners with over 100 talented (and rather exceptional) people.

It’s a pretty remarkable 23 year success story. In this time, we’ve had to evolve our services and adapt to the ever-changing tech sector. We’ve come a long way in this time, and so have our clients who have stayed with us.

Today, we’re proud to offer a suite of transformative Microsoft-focused services, and to provide a Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) which delivers first-class managed cyber security services. We help companies to thrive with Microsoft cloud technologies in a new era of cyber threats.

Fundamentally, we believe there is a better way to do cyber security and IT. We intentionally want to be different, raise standards in the industry, and create a new level of service for all organisations to benefit from and enjoy.

This vision and maturity of our services is how we’ve been awarded membership to the prestigious Microsoft Intelligent Security Association– endorsing Chorus as one of the select few leading Microsoft security partners in the UK.

With this success, and evolution of who we are as a business, came a desire to develop a new visual identity that reflects the modern Chorus.

So today, we want to share the thinking behind our new look.

A new logo

Firstly, you’ll notice that we’ve developed a new logo and logomark.

The logomark features three segments, which represent Chorus, our clients, and the wider technology industries, in addition to a colour gradient based on our new colour palette.

The colour gradient and forward-pointing direction of the ‘arrow’ segments are intended to reflect the transfer of knowledge and expertise from Chorus to our clients, and then to the wider industry, as we continue to raise standards over time and innovate. Ultimately, we want to lead by example and improve the quality of service for businesses everywhere.

The logo and logomark are available both in colour (i.e. for use on white backgrounds), or in full white (for use on backgrounds of other colours).

For our partners who want to use our logo and branding, we have a new set of brand guidelines available on request, as well as our logos in all file formats.

Our new colour palette

Our new primary colour is a dark purple, while our secondary colour is a much brighter purple. These were referred to as ‘Digi Taurus’ and ‘Space Opa’ during design. We chose a bright green as the ‘accent colour’ for our new visual identity, referred to as ‘neo teal’ by our designers. White space will feature prominently across our different materials, while we also use an off-white sparingly.

We wanted this palette to be distinctively digital, approachable and warm.

We feel we have achieved this, keeping enough of the character and personality from our old brand, but with a cleaner and more sophisticated feel. This represents the maturity of our business today and the clients we work with.

Graphic shapes

You will also notice the various graphic shapes we have created to be used throughout our new branding across digital and print. These graphics are based on the outline of our logomark and are animated in various places on our website, symbolising the technological evolution and transformation that our services deliver for our customers.


You’ll notice our new visual identity features bespoke iconography, with each icon using our full gradient.

Updated typography

Although the font we use in our brand may not excite everyone, we wanted to move to a new font and make a meaningful choice. We opted for the Rustica font, designed by TipoType. The designers described the meaning behind the font, explaining that:

The world has changed; we want it to change. But it has a history too. Rustica draws back to the sans typeface tradition and updates it for the 21st century; we aim to go back to the humanist values without dismissing the role played by technology.

We liked this, because we felt this complements our mission at Chorus, which remains:

Using technology to put people first.

A new chapter for Chorus

Our new visual identity is more than just a new palette of colours, graphics and a logo. It marks a new chapter in our evolution as a company, reflecting our intention to continue to improve as a business, innovate within the industry and deliver services of the highest quality for our customers.

We’re excited to have a new brand that reflects the maturity and professionalism of our cyber security and IT services. We hope you like it too.

Let us know what you think!