Microsoft 365 strategy & implementation: Roadmap best practices

Hear our Microsoft 365 'Zero to Hero' approach to help you build your Microsoft 365 strategy and implementation roadmap.

Microsoft 365 is widely used by most commercial organisations – or being considered by those looking to move to the cloud. With key productivity apps, such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, SharePoint Online and Office, Microsoft 365 has enabled organisations to move to remote/hybrid working and benefit from all the advantages of the cloud.

But there’s much more to Microsoft 365. Often organisations aren’t aware of or aren’t fully using the security and compliance features available to them within Microsoft 365. Through our experience of successful migrations and implementations, we’ve built a standardised roadmap template that helps organisations go from nothing through to adopting every product and feature available to them. Our ‘Zero to Hero’ model ensures all products and features are implemented, integrated, and rolled out in phased approaches according to best practice. This ensures dependencies between products are considered and the most critical/beneficial solutions are prioritised – gradually increasing your security and sophistication over time.

In this recording we talk through our Microsoft 365 Zero to Hero approach, outlining our recommended project phases that cover all elements from productivity, security and compliance to help you build your Microsoft 365 strategy and implementation roadmap.

We cover:

  • Microsoft 365 – what’s included?
  • Roadmap phases – recommended stages and priorities
    • Security
    • Compliance
    • Productivity apps
  • Implementation best practices and considerations
  • Q&A

You can watch the on-demand recording below: