Microsoft 365 for Nonprofits & Charities UK Pricing

Not for Profits (NFPs) can be eligible to receive discounted Microsoft licensing and pricing (see more on eligibility below). This gives charities the ability to use products and solutions available to (and being used by) the largest commercial organisations but at a fraction of the price (around 75% less).

Microsoft 365 for Nonprofits

Microsoft 365 is a fantastic suite of solutions from Microsoft – bringing their most powerful applications together into one cost effective package that combines Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). These applications can be purchased separately but you do benefit from a cost saving when buying the three as ‘Microsoft 365’.

Microsoft 365 is available in three editions: Business, E3 and E5 – with each edition giving a varying level of access and features. You can compare editions in our article ‘Microsoft 365 E3 vs E5 Compared‘. Alternatively, if you are not ready to use the full suite you can mix and match licences – for example, purchasing Office 365 E3 but EMS E5 – and amend your subscriptions later depending on how you are licensed. All the individual components are also available with non-profit pricing.


Please note: All pricing correct as of September 2018 but subject to change at any time by Microsoft.

Microsoft 365 pricing for nonprofits and charities in the UK is:

  • Microsoft 365 Business = £3.80 per user per month
  • Microsoft 365 E3 = £7.00 per user per month
  • Microsoft 365 E5 = £20.20 per user per month

The most suitable plan will depend on your requirements, but we tend to recommend E3 as it provides a very robust and well-rounded offering with excellent security tools. We recommend discussing the plans with your Microsoft partner, or feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your Microsoft licensing and setup.

Individual pricing

  • Office 365 Business Premium = £2.30 per user per month
  • Office 365 E3 = £4.00 per user per month
  • Office 365 E5 = £13.40 per user per month
  • EMS E3 = £1.90 per user per month
  • EMS E5 = £4.50 per user per month
  • Windows 10 E3 = £1.40 per user per month
  • Windows 10 E5 = £2.70 per user per month

Eligibility & Application

Nonprofits are eligible for discounted Microsoft licensing (which also includes other products such as Dynamics 365) and free Azure credit. To check to see if your organisation is eligible you can visit the eligibility requirements page on the Microsoft and search based on country. As well as checking your organisation’s eligibility you will see what users are eligible.

In order to receive discounted licensing, you can either apply directly through Microsoft here or speak to your Microsoft partner. If you don’t have a partner, it can be worth getting one – not necessarily for support if you have the resource in-house, but for licensing advice to make sure you get the most cost effective and suitable level of subscription.

Need any advice or support?

If you need any advice or support regarding Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 or Azure please feel free to get in touch with our team. We help nonprofits with everything from major cloud migrations to Microsoft licensing consultancy.