Launching our Company Values

At Chorus, we have always had a strong sense of who we are, why we do what we do and how we do it – however we haven’t had this written down. As we’ve continued to grow, we realised that having a strong company culture is important to us to ensure that we remain a strong team even while expanding so that we retain the feeling of being a small and tightly knit company. To foster this sense of company culture or ‘personality’ we decided that we needed to officially create and launch our company values.

How we found our values

We didn’t want to create and impose values we idolised, or thought would impress. Instead, we wanted our values to be truthful to who we are and have always been. To do this we needed to listen to our people to discover exactly what it is that forms our shared sense of purpose and values.

We started by running small workshops with staff members mixed into different groups that covered all areas of our business – from junior to senior roles and from highly technical to non-technical team members. In these workshops we asked everyone a selection of questions about Chorus and had everyone write the first word that came into their head on post-it notes – the more impulsive the better.

After running a few sessions, we had a large stack of post-it notes and quickly realised that the same words or meanings kept coming up again and again. We grouped the post-its with similar concepts together and realised that we had four piles – and had found our four core values.

We always knew that we wanted to break away from the norm and avoid having one-word values that we’d seen everywhere else, such as ‘Integrity’ or ‘Teamwork’, so we took all the words and played with phrases to create our four key values. We’ve created the following video to show our process – revealing the words and phrases from our workshops and the variations we created and experimented with, before revealing our final result.

Our Values

Our four values that embody who we are, what we believe in and what connects our team together are:

  • Stay curious
    Technology is rapidly changing, and we thrive by being curious and staying ahead of the curve.
  • Embrace the future
    We’re not afraid of evolving and welcome the exciting possibilities that come with working in such a fast-paced industry.
  • Champion the truth
    We only advise on what we believe in and will always try to find the best approach; our clients’ success, is our success.
  • Enjoy the journey
    Working hard and delivering great results is our priority, but we want to make sure that its enjoyable along the way for our staff, clients and partners.

Launching and living by our values

Each day will be focusing on one of our values with activities and celebrations that match the value – please follow along with our week via social media. We’ll be posting photos each day on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.