Chorus sign the Microsoft Partner Pledge

Chorus are proud to have signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge. This is a commitment to using technology in a way which benefits the world we live in, helping to address societal challenges positively and sustainably.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and we’ve been partnering with Microsoft since 2004. We are committed to Microsoft technologies and we genuinely believe that together we can help build a UK tech sector that will allow future generations to enjoy a better world, underpinned by technologies which address the challenges we face today.

About the Partner Pledge

Microsoft fully recognises the impact of the transformative technologies that it has helped implement within the UK. Cloud computing, AI and digital workplace technologies are some examples of how Microsoft has helped shape the digital world we live in. Although Microsoft is optimistic about the beneficial role that technology can play in societal development, it also appreciates and is mindful of the potential consequences of the technological revolution which we are currently experiencing.

Microsoft believes that nations must adopt technology ethically, and strive to ensure that a diverse workforce is fully equipped with the right skills to maximise the technological opportunities of the future.

The UK is currently facing a skills crisis, with too few people entering the workforce with the required digital and technical skills. Not only do we need more skilled workers, but more diversity is also required in the workforce and we need to move to a lifelong learning culture within the UK.

Due to these challenges and opportunities, we are proud to sign the Partner Pledge to join Microsoft and commit to this shared vision of opportunity and responsibility as we shape the future through technology.

Four critical goals

Digital skills

Microsoft have launched a Digital Skills programme to help the UK prepare for the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Chorus will support this where possible, helping to provide digital skills and experience to those working with technology.


Chorus will continue taking on apprentices and helping people kick-start new careers in technology—complimenting Microsoft’s efforts to create more apprenticeships in the UK.


Microsoft is improving the diversity of the UK technology workforce through the Tech Talent Charter. Chorus fully embraces this vision and believes in creating a diverse digital workforce with gender equality and equal opportunities for all.

Responsible and ethical AI

Microsoft want to ensure Artificial Intelligence is developed and implemented in responsible and ethical ways, as they set out in AI for Good and Future Computed. We endorse this view and are committed to using technology for good and ethical purposes.

You can read more abut the Partner Pledge and see everyone who has signed it here.