Chorus charity of the Year 2022 is Bristol Mind!

We are very excited to be supporting Bristol Mind as our charity of the year 2022 and will be fundraising throughout the year to help raise as much as possible.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key objective for us as an organisation and we have clear targets across various areas, which is outlined in our five-year orbit. One of these is CSR, which is broken into a fundraising target and volunteering target that increases each year. Other targets include environment sustainability, employee wellbeing, customer satisfaction and accreditations.

Every year we choose a charity to support, which is solely chosen through employee votes. For us, it’s important to choose a charity that is close to our people’s hearts, and we are delighted that our charity of the year for 2022 is Bristol Mind.

Everyone has mental health and looking after it is so important. Last year, we launched our own mental health initiative and worked to open the conversation around mental health, reduce stigma and provide guidance. Many of the reasons for nominating Bristol Mind were based on employee’s personal experiences, so we are very excited to be able to support such a worthwhile charity.

About Bristol Mind

Bristol Mind was originally founded in 1965 and is a Local Mind Association, affiliated to Mind. Bristol Mind aims to promote a positive view of mental health and provide services that are accessible, relevant and empowering to the people using them. Their services aim to contribute to mental and emotional wellbeing and to reduce stigma and discrimination.

Some statistics

  • Every year, 1 in 4 people will experience some form of mental health problem
  • The Southwest has the highest rates of suicide of all the English regions
  • Around 3,500 people Bristol Mind’s helpline MindLine
  • Bristol Mind saw a 50% rise in helpline calls since the start of the pandemic

Gaming, running, skydiving: What’s in store for 2022

We’ve been busy thinking of ideas and planning activities for the start of the year and will no doubt be adding more as the year goes on! We’re focusing on a real mix of fundraising activities so everyone can get involved and would appreciate any support – whether joining in, sharing our activities on social media or donating on our Just Giving page.

  • February – Virtual Quiz Night
    We are kicking things off with a virtual quiz night, bringing back memories of our lockdown quizzes that saw us through the early start of 2020. We are hosting an internal quiz night with a mix of rounds – may the best man/woman win!
  • March – 24hour Gaming Marathon
    After the success of last year, we will be back with another 24-hours online gaming marathon where our teams will stream their gaming activities for 24 hours non-stop.
  • April – 3,500-mile Challenge
    Nearly 3,500 people call into MindLine for mental health guidance and support each year. We are going to be pushing ourselves to rack up 3,500 miles as a company during the month of April – walking, running, cycling, horse riding, anything!
  • May – Mental Health Awareness Week
    We are planning a week of awareness and activities for mental health awareness week, which is 9th – 15th May.
  • September – Bristol Half Marathon/10K
    We will be gathering a team of runners to take part in the annual Bristol half marathon/ 10K. We had three runners last year and hoping to get even more this time…
  • TBC – Skydiving
    Finally, we are getting a small group of adventurous Chorus crew together to leap out of planes all in the name of charity. Dates to be confirmed but we will be sharing plenty on this when it’s booked.

Get involved and help us

We would greatly appreciate any support throughout the year to help us raise as much for Bristol Mind as possible. For updates, please follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter and to keep track of our fundraising progress – or even better, to donate! – you can check out our Just Giving page.