Building Power Apps and Automations with Dynamics 365

Discover the possibilities of Power Apps and Power Automate to inspire you of what you can do with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In today’s digital age, data is at the core of every organisation. By using data effectively, organisations can improve productivity, streamline processes, and make intelligent and objective decisions that help them succeed. However, enabling effective data usage and management is a common challenge that organisations face.

Historically, data management has firmly sat with the IT department. If staff needed a new application or process then this could be submitted as an IT request, however this would either take valuable internal time and resources or require costly external development. More likely, staff would not be aware of the opportunities available to improve their daily working lives and would not consider ways to innovate.

The proliferation of data and the increasing importance of gaining value from it is putting too much pressure on IT teams and causing bottlenecks that slow innovation and hinder daily working lives. The solution is data democratisation – making data accessible to everyone – which enables less-technical staff to gather, manipulate and analyse data without much technical support. This is where Microsoft’s Power Platform unlocks new possibilities.

In this video, we show you the possibilities of Power Apps and Power Automate to inspire you of what you can do. We give an overview of the services and how they work with Microsoft Dynamics 365, before jumping into a demo where we will build out an app and automation, using Microsoft’s Dataverse.

We cover:

  • Overview of Power Apps, Power Automation and the Dataverse
  • How the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 work together
  • Demo: building a Power App and Power Automation that integrates with Dynamics 365 – using the concept of integrating website forms (such as a contact form or event sign-up) to trigger an automation and add the data into CRM
  • Q&A

You can watch the on-demand recording below: